Our Core Skills

With us your business is put on a solid technical foundation

full stack

Full Stack Development

We believe in tailoring a software from start to finish. This helps in making the best possible technological decisions.


Software Architecture

Having built hundreds of systems, we are architects designing a stack that is rock solid enough to grow with your business.


Database Development

Over the years, we have gathered extensive knowledge in designing and scaling various database systems.


Data Analysis

Business intelligence has never been more important. Having a mathematical background, we help you gather the data needed to make data driven decisions.


Reverse Engineering

We can deep dive into the lower levels of software. We are experts at reverse-engineering and understanding a product from top to bottom.


Performance Optimization

We have scaled hundreds of products before and can help you finding bottlenecks in your software.

Our Domains

We collected plenty of domain knowledge during our journey. As such, we feel perfectly comfortable in leveraging our knowledge entering new domains as well.

Digital Commerce

Digital Commerce

We have a strong focus on digital commerce related products. We have built small shops to large scale ecommerce shops from scratch.

Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

We have experience in marketing on scale by automating masssive SEM campaigns and providing insights for optimisation techniques.



Coming originally from Hamburg, we have a strong connection to logistic and maritime players around the harbor. We have built software for the maritime industry for many years.